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Jericho Update and Overview (May 2012)

Jericho started in 1998 from the inspiration and thoughts of Political Prisoner Jalil Abdul Muntaqim, along with the planning and strategizing of Brother Herman Ferguson and the late Sister Safiya Bukhari. Over the last 14 years Jericho has supported political prisoners and POWs in the United States, and has consistently worked towards their liberation through legal redress on their cases, petitioning for commutation and amnesty, educating the community, and striving to build a viable movement to call for their freedom. Jericho continues to stand in unity with other like-minded people and organizations to educate the people of the United States and elsewhere of the existence of these political prisoners and to call for their immediate release.

Everyone dedicated and committed to this cause understands the reality that the United States government and its sovereign states do not recognize nor acknowledge the fact that these heroic women and men are, in fact, freedom fighters and political prisoners. This denial is a conscious act designed to erase the pages of revolutionary struggle against racist oppression, political repression, economic exploitation, and social degradation of entire races and classes of people from the minds of the people. It is to even deny the very existence of chattel slavery, the black codes, and Jim Crow; state sponsored racism and Ku Klux Klan violence, lynchings, drownings, and shootings; centuries of slums, forced labor, and share cropping; inferior schools and education; and illegal counterintelligence operations. It is to criminalize the humanitarians, the liberators, the community activists, the educators, the organizers, and all those who have ever stood forthrightly against injustice and who have championed freedom and the right to self-determination.

In 2012, Jericho 's initiatives continue to focus on:

  • Educating people and communities to understand the importance of building a comprehensive movement to not only free the political prisoners from the national liberation movements and struggles of the 60s and 70s; but also, to realize the need to prevent modern day government and police repression and laws that invariably lead to mass incarcerations and more political incarcerations.
  • Building unity amongst other people and organizations striving in the same cause.
  • Mobilizing people to stand up for their Constitutional rights.
  • Mobilizing people to call for the freedom of all political prisoners
  • Calling for renewed Congressional hearings on the impact and effects of the FBI's Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) to prove how conditions were created and police actions carried out to falsely accuse and imprison so many of the political prisoners
  • Submitting federal and state amnesty petitions for many of the political prisoners

We invite you to continue looking through our web site, and to contact us at a Chapter nearest to you to see how you may assist and join this noble cause.

Unity and struggle!

Jihad Abdulmumit

Jericho co-Chair

National Jericho Movement • c/o Lamb • P.O. Box 574 • New York, NY 10018