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Byron Shane (Oso Blanco) Cherokee ChubbuckChubbuck, Byron Shane (Oso Blanco) Cherokee


USP Lewisburg, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA 17837
Birthday: February 26, 1967
Affiliation: Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, EZLN Defender
Captured: 1999 – Release Date 2071 IN PRISON 15 YEARS

“ The new Aztlan is now. We shall no longer kill mother Earth and everything else just to have modern technologies, the time of that will end soon. We shall rise up as warriors-refusing to be slaves of commerce and political lies. In our own land we shall be HIGH Master, high master of the heart, high masters of consciousness. I am Oso Blanco de Aztlan, I support EZLN and the Brown Berets.

Leonard PeltierPeltier, Leonard (Anishinaabe/Lakota)


USP Coleman I, P.O. Box 1033, Coleman, Fl 33521
Birthday: September 12, 1944
Affiliation: Americam Indian Movemet
Captured: Feb. 6,1976- 2 life sentences IN PRISON 38 YEARS

"You do not have the ability to see that the Government must suppress the fact that there is a growing anger amongst Indian people and that native Americans will resist any further encroachment by the military forces of the capitalist Americans."

Rodríguez, Luis V. (APACHE/MEXICAN)


SATF-CSP Corcoran, P.O. Box 5248, Corcoran, CA 93212
Affiliation: Native Resistance
Captured: 1978-life without Parole IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“Luis was also convicted as the result of egregious jury misconduct, evidence which had been tainted and which was contradictory and unreliable, as well as due to the result of the prosecutions suppressed and destroyed evidence which would have proved favorable for Rodriguez in his defense.”


Abdullah, Haki Malik (s/n Michael Green)

#C-56123, PO Box 3456, Corcoran, CA 93212


Abu-Jamal Mumia

#AM 8335

SCI-Mahanoy, 301 Morea Rd., Frackville, PA 17932
Birthday: April 24, 1954
Affiliation: Black Panther Party, MOVE
Captured: 1981-Life without parole 33 years in Prison

“Very few people in prison have voices that go beyond the wall. It's my job to do the work for them because they have no one.”

Sundiata AcoliAcoli, Sundiata (Squire)


FCI Cumberland, PO Box 1000, Cumberland, MD 21501
Birthday: January 14, 1937
Affiliation: Black Panther Party, New Afrikan
Captured: 1973- Life Sentence 41 years in Prison

The Parole Board’s stated reason for the 20-year hit was Sundiata’s membership in the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army prior to his arrest and the receipt of hundreds of “Free Sundiata” form letters that characterized him as a New Afrikan Prisoner of War.

Jamil Abdullah Al-AminAl-Amin, Jamil Abdullah


USP Canaaan P.O. Box 300 Waymart, PA 18472
Birthday: October 4, 1943
Affiliation: Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee
Captured: 2000- Life No Parole (George to Federal custody) In Prison 14 years

The prosecutor in the Atlanta case after the conviction said, "After 24 years we've finally gotten him," which means the prosecutor was counting back to the day when Jamil walked out of a prison in New York City. So this case in Atlanta...was and is an extension of the targeting." - Karima Al-Amin, Attorney & Wife in extensive San Francisco Bay View article [photo: Imam Jamil with his son Kairi when he was a child – Kairi is now an attorney practicing law with his mother, Karima Al-Amin.]

Zolo AzaniaAzania, Zolo


Indiana State Prison, 1 Park Row, Michigan City, IN 46360
Birthday: December 12, 1954
Affiliation: Republic of New Afrika
Captured 1981, Life without Parole IN PRISON 30 YEARS

“Zolo is a politically conscious activist, who at the time of his arrest and capture in 1981, was actively involved in the movement for the self-determination of African-American people. The fact that he defined himself as a New Afrikan and was committed to the liberation and independence of Black people within the borders of the U.S., directly influenced the way the police, the prosecution, and the Indiana courts denied him a fair trial and fanned the flames of prejudice to obtain the death penalty."

Herman BellBell, Herman


Great Meadow Correctional Facility, 11739 State Route 22, P.O. Box 51, Comstock, NY 12821-0051
Birthday: January 14, 1948
Affiliation: Black Panther Party
Captured: 1973: Eligible for Parole – denied 5XIN PRISON 41 YEARS

“So my dear brothers and sisters, if we accept that ours is a protracted struggle, let us not lose sight of that, then and now. Let us ask ourselves: are our demands and goals the same as they were back then? Several generations have been born since the Party's demise. Time brings change." freehermanbell.org

Bomani Sababu, Kojo (Grailing Brown)


USP Canaan, P. O. Box 300 Waymart, PA 18472
Birthday: May 27
Affiliation: Black Liberation Army
Captured: 1975: Life IN PRISON 31 YRS

"... we must make great strides, reorganizing ourselves to embrace the difficulties we face. I have no solutions but I will say this: There are some great political minds contained in America's prisons, which are growing old as their era of life departs, this resource needs to be tapped before it expires. Do not abandon the political prisoners and POW s, they are still insightful with their knowledge and experience.”

Anthony "Jalil" BottomBottom, Anthony Jalil (JALIL MUNTAQIM)


Attica Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 149, Attica NY 14011-0149
Birthday: October 18, 1951
Affiliations: Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army
Captured: 1971: 25 years to Life - Denied Parole five times IN PRISON 43 YEARS

“Given that fact, neither the capitalist economic system or electoral politics benefits the majority of Americans, but rather serves the interest of corporate entities that according to law are persons, as Americans are considered commerce property, there is no wonder there is a need for a new American revolution.”

Bowen, Joseph


1 Kelley Drive, Coal Township, PA 17866-1021
Birthday: January 15, 1948
Affiliation: Black Liberation Army
Captured: 1973: Life Without Parole IN PRISON 41YEARS

"Unless I do something to get myself out of this hole, these people will keep me in this hole until I am dead." - JoJo Bowen, who has been in solitary confinement for 26 years.

Veronza Bowers and DaughterBowers, Veronza


USP Atlanta, P.O. Box 150160, Atlanta, GA 30315
Birthday: February 4
Affiliation: Black Panther Party
Captured: Sept. 15th 1973: Life IN PRISON 41 YEARS

“Deeply committed to a spiritual faith and practice, Veronza founded and led the All-Faith Meditation Group. An interest in healing motivated him to study the ancient healing arts and philosophy of China and Japan. He has helped inmates both physically and spiritually overcome obstacles to their health and personal development. Mr. Bowers has also been honored by the Native American community as an honorary elder for his support and teaching of their spiritual and cultural practices.”

Burton, Fred "Muhammad"

#AF 3896

SCI Somerset, 1590 Walters Mill Road, Somerset, PA 15510
Birthday: December 15, 1946
Affiliation: Clack Unity Council
Captured: 1972: Life without Parole IN PRISON 42 YEARS

Perhaps even more relevant is the joining of your intention to see Mr. Burton free with the same collective intention that we have been fostering and growing through Mr. Burton's family and through our greater communities. Your simple thought can change reality for Mr. Burton. We believe that. Thank you for your support.

Romaine "Chip" FitzgeraldFitzgerald, Romaine “Chip”


Kern Valley State Prison, A-5-110, P.O. Box 5101, Delano, CA 93216
Birthday: April 11, 1949
Affiliation: Black Panther Party- Longest held Black Panther Political Prisoner
Captured: 1969 - Life IN PRISON 44 YEARS

“The prison administrators and their advocates within the state want to create fear in the minds of the public in an effort to persuade the people to give state authorities carte blanche in the inhumane treatment of convicts, and allow the prison administrators to operate without oversight and accountability.”

Robert Seth HayesHAYES, Robert Seth


Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116
Birthday: October 15, 1948
Affiliation: Black Panther Party & Black Liberation Army
Captured: 1973: 25 yrs. - Life. Denied parole 5X IN PRISON 41 YEARS

Seth first came up for parole in 1998, but prison officials have refused to release him, and are effectively punishing him for having been a member of the Black Panther Party, and of having remained true to his ideals after 30 years behind bars.


Freddie Hilton (Kamau Sadiki)Hilton, Freddie (Kamau Sadiki)


Augusta State Medical Prison, Bldg 23A-2, 3001 Gordon Highway, Grovetown, GA 30813
Birthday: February 19
Affilition: Black Panther Party
Captured: 2002: Life without parole IN PRISON 12 YEARS

The government and police, knowing that he suffers from Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis of the Liver and Sarcoidosis they told Kamau that unless he helped them capture Assata Shakur that he would "die in prison." The police told Kamau that if he worked with them and "got Assata to leave Cuba" and go to some other country where they could apprehend her that they would not prosecute on the false police killing charge. Kamau's two daughters and grandchildren are devasted by the absense of their loving, hard-working father (he supported them by working for the telephone company in New York for over eighteen years), and are active in efforts to release him.

Larry HooverHoover, Larry


Florence ADMAX, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226

Birthday: November 30, 1950
Captured: 1973 –150 year IN PRISON 41 YEARS

Excerpt from 1993 Call For Peace: "…And finally, in my sincere appeal for peace and unity: Those of us that have experienced being our brothers’ keeper — We must educate our members around us. Education brings about awareness. Awareness generates the ability to think. Our youth must know the end result of crime is shame, disgrace, and imprisonment to themselves, as well as the community. We must come to the point of outlawing those who willfully disrupt our communities and our call for peace and unity. “

Jeff Fort/ Abdullah Malik Ka'bahKa'bah, Abdullah Malik (aka Jeff Fort)


USP Florence ADMAX, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226
Birthday: February 20, 1947
Affiliation: El Rukin
Captured: 1987: Setenced to 80 years IN PRISON 27 YEARS

“We believe that Abdul Malik was indicted because of the new vision that he had acquired and which he was trying to share with other street organizations not only in Chicago, but throughout the U.S.! He was indicted because, for example, he (and others) had worked and were continuing to work to maintain a peace among street organizations, so that they could begin to redirect their energies in ways that would ensure the survival of their people, and the development of their communities.”

Maumin KhabirKhabir, Maumin (aka Melvin Mayes)


MCFP Springfield, P.O. Box 4000, Springfield, MO 65801
Birthday: September 15
Affiliation:El Rukin- Republic of New Afrika
Captured:1986: In Exile 9yrs. Captured 1995: Life sentence IN PRISON 19 YEARS

“Mayes claims that he has been "A citizen of the sovereign Republic of New Afrika" and that his "secession from the United States of America is the motivating factor behind the government's prosecution" and has no criminal basis. Mayes asks the court to recognize him "as a political prisoner in accordance with the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Protocol 1."

Koti, Mohamman Geuka (AKA JAMES JOHNSON)


Address Envelope to JAMES JOHNSON FCI Butner II, Box 1500 Butner NC 27509
Birthday: October 11, 1926
Affiliation: Black Liberation Movement
Captured: 1978: 25 to Life. Denied parole 5X.IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“Next year I will be going to the parole board for the 5th time. I have done the time. Why does the parole board keep hitting me and other brothers? I will be 87 years old on Oct 11, 2012. I am the oldest brother here. As a Black man I am very strong, a fighter in the struggle for freedom and justice. Thank you for your help. Long Live the Struggle."

Lake, Richard Mafundi


Donaldson CF, 100 Warrior Lane, Bessemer, AL 35023-7299
Birthday: March 1, 1940
Affilition:African Peoples Survival Committee & Afrikan National Prison Organization (ANPO)
Captured: 1983: Life without parole IN PRISON 31 YEARS

It was here at Atmore Prison that the revolutionary prisoner organization IFA (Inmates For Action) was formed. The IFA was instrumental in the federal courts taking over the Alabama penal system.

Mondo we LangaLanga, Mondo We (David Rice)


Nebraska State Penitentiary, P.O. Box 2500, Lincoln, NE 68542
Birthday: May 21, 1947
Affiliation:Black Panther Party
Captured: 1970: Life sentence. Denied parole 3 times.IN PRISON 44 YEARS

“I was known as 'David Rice.' I chose a [new] name 'Wopashitwe Modo Eyen we Langa,' which in the African languages of Kwanyama, Gikuyu, Ibibio, and Hausa means: 'Wild (natural) Man Child of the Sun.' I chose a name that would, among things, reflect my African heritage. This choosing of a name is part of the process of growth."
nebraskansforjustice.org/ and http://n2pp.infoomahatwo.wordpress.com

Latine, Maliki Shakur


Clinton Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 2001, Dannemora, NY 12929
Birthday: August 23, 1949
Affiliation: Black Liberation Army
Captured: 1979: Life IN PRISON 35 YEARS

“ My arrest and convection were a direct result and retaliation for my Islamic beliefs, political aspirations, and direct association and involvement with the Black Liberation Movement.  Nevertheless, I remain firmly and steadfastly committed and dedicated to the struggle for Black Liberation, Independence, and Self-Determination-by any means necessary!”

Ruchell Cinque MageeMagee, Ruchell Cinque


Calif. State Prison, D-5 #1, P.O. Box 4670, Los Angeles County, Lancaster, CA 93539
Birthday: March 17
Capture: August 7, 1970 IN PRISON 51 YEARS

Ruchell is the longest held political prisoners in the U.S., having been locked up since 1963. Politicized in prison, he later participated in the Marin County Courthouse Rebellion (Aug 7, 1970) in the attempted liberation of political prisoner George Jackson by his younger brother, Jonathan Jackson. Ruchell has worked tirelessly as a jailhouse lawyer, working on his own case and helping many other prisoners win their freedom….

Abdullah MajidMajid, Abdullah (Anthony Laborde


Five Points Correctional Facility, 6600 State Route 96, Caller Box 119, Romulus, New York 14541
Birthday: June 25, 1949
Affiliation: Black Panther Party—Black Liberation Army—Republic of New Africa
Captured: 1982: 33&1/3 to life IN PRISON 32 YEARS

“While we have had setbacks as a result of subterfuge and subversion from both within and without, we must intensify our current efforts to mobilize the masses for survival and liberation. I believe the only real guarantee we prisoners of war and political prisoners have of staying alive and surviving these prisoners of war camps is by keeping our conditions and status before the public both domestically and internationally. Insha ALLAH (ALLAH willing) we will get relief (freedom) denied us the last 400 years in Babylon

Hugo PinellPinell, Hugo "Dahariki" #A8840
California State Prison-Sacramento, P.O. Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671
Birthday: March 10, 1945

Hugo wrote:"It’s sometimes hard for me to believe i’ve been in these holes for 44 years straight! But it is. My Mom has kept me focused, too. In the 90s, when i was supposed to be getting released, she kept saying, “i’m proud of you, son, the way you’ve been working it, but i want to see you out here, all grown up, responsible and earning your ways of living.”

Ed PoindexterPoindexter, Ed


Nebraska State Penitentiary, P.O. Box 2500, Lincoln, NE 68542
Birthday: November 1, 1944
Affiliation: Black Panther Party
Captured: 1971-life. Denied parole 4 times. IN PRISON 43 YEARS

“A breakthrough in Poindexter’s case could have important ramifications for Mondo we Langa (formerly known as David Rice), who exhausted his appeals thirty years ago. Amnesty International has classified Mondo we Langa and Ed Poindexter -- known as the Omaha Two at the time of their trial in 1971 -- as “prisoners of conscience.”
nebraskansforjustice.org/ and http://n2pp.info and http://omahatwo.wordpress.com

Rev. Joy PowellPowell, Reverend Joy


Bedford Hills CF, P.O. Box 1000, Bedford Hills, NY 10507-2499

Affiliation: Community Activists
Captured: 2007 - life plus 16 years. IN PRISON 7 YEARS

As a pastor and a consistent activist against police brutality, violence and oppression in her community, Rev. Joy Powell was warned by the Rochester Police department that she was a target because of her speaking out against corruption, the police brutality and “police justifications” in Rochester NY. As a result, Rev. Joy was accused and convicted of 1st Degree Burglary and Assault.”


Mutulu ShakurShakur, Mutulu


Federal Correctional Complex, P.O. Box 3900, Adelanto, CA 92301
Birthday: August 8, 1950
Affiliation: Republic of New Afrika
Captured: 1986: Sentenced to 60 years. IN PRISON 28 YEARS

“There is a need for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the U.S. to resolve the history of slavery, oppression, racism, segregation, lynching and the issue of political prisoners of the Civil Rights Black Liberation Struggle who fought against these gross human rights abuses. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was also a process set up in South Africa to redress the gross violations of human rights by the apartheid regime. It was a tool to assist a peaceful transition to a democratic society but public acknowledgement of the gross human rights abuses by the government and its agent…The idea of crimes against humanity comes under International Law and the Geneva Convention adopted by the world at the U.N. the liability of such violators lies on nations as well as individuals who fight against the violators of human rights.”

Russell Maroon ShoatsShoats, Russell Maroon


SCI Graterford, P.O. Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426-0246
Birthday: August 23, 1943
Affiliation: Black Unity Council-Back Panther Party, Black Liberation Army
Captured: 1970-Life. IN PRISON 44 YEARS

“Russell Maroon Shoatz is a dedicated community activist, founding member of the Black Unity Council, former member of the Black Panther Party and soldier in the Black Liberation Army. He is serving multiple life sentences as a U.S.-held prisoner of war.”

Gary TylerTyler, Gary


Louisiana State Penitentiary, ASH-4, Angola LA 70712

Birthday: July 10, 1959
Captured: 1974. IN PRISON 40 YEARS

…His juvenile years are long gone, as is much of his adult life. His once defiant dreadlocks thinned and turned to grey many years ago and have since been shaved off. But devotion to maintaining a disciplined regime to keep body and soul healthy has kept the spirit alive. His eyes still hold that flame of defiance.

Watson, Gary


Unit SHU17, James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, 1181 Paddock Road, Smyrna, DE 19977
Life in Prison

“The one & only remaining member of the "Smyrna Five" (S-5), a group of radical Blacks that attacked the prison authority following the murder of George Jackson.

Albert WoodfoxWoodfox, Albert

Woodfox, Albert #72148
West Feliciana Parish Detention Center, PO Box 2727, St. Francisville, LA 70775

Birthday: February 19, 1947
Affiliation: Co-founder of Black Panther Party inside. IN PRISON 43 YEARS

“Woodfox is the only member of the Angola 3 still behind bars. He has been kept in solitary, what the state calls "closed-cell restriction" for 42 years, a practice criticized by Amnesty International and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture,who called it unacceptable under international human rights law.


Hernández, Alvaro Luna


James V Allred Unit, 2101 FM, 369 North Iowa Park, TX 76367
Birthday: May 12, 1952
Affiliation: Chicano Political Prisoner
Captured: July 18, 1996: 50 years sentence. IN PRISON 18 YEARS

Alvaro Luna Hernandez is a political prisoner of the State of Texas and the U.S. government. He is nearly 15 years into a 50 year prison sentence for an "aggravated assault" conviction stemming from a July 1996 incident in which he disarmed a Brewster County Sheriff attempting to shoot him. Alvaro vehemently denies the charge that he assaulted the Sheriff. To Mexican-Americans in the cities, slums, plains, deserts, and prison cages of the Southwest, he is a civil rights hero, a Chicano freedom fighter true to his barrio roots and eternally fearless in the face of injustice. For years, he has been internationally recognized by amnesty movements and human rights lawyers and experts as a U.S. political prisoner, yet inside the United States, the name Alvaro Luna Hernandez remains largely elusive on the lips of progressives and social justice advocates.


Charles Sims "Chuck" AfricaAfrica, Charles Sims


SCI Dallas, Follies Road, Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612-0286
Birthday: April 7, 1956
Affiliation: MOVE
Captured 1978: Life Sentence. 36 Years in Prison

I meet MOVE in 1973, and the things that I heard stayed with me for the rest of my life. My introduction to JOHN AFRICA’S GUIDELINES, opened my mind up to actually use it and question the nor, the constraints of every day life, the lies, the hidden truths in a world of constant dishonesty.”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Debbie Sims AfricaAfrica, Debbie Sims


451 Fullerton Ave, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238
Birthday: August 4, 1956
Affiliation: MOVE
Captured: 1978. IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“I met members of the MOVE ORGANIZATION one night after my mother called them to settle a bad fight that took place between us and another family in front of my house. By the time I was 18 I was a MOVE member and by that time MOVE was well into confrontations with cops due to unjust arrests, beatings, and persecution by cops and the city of Philadelphia.”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Delbert Orr AfricaAfrica, Delbert Orr


SCI Dallas, Follies Road, Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612-0286
Birthday: April 7th
Affiliation: MOVE
Captured: 1978. IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“ I would like to put one thing out there about the need for everybody to join this revolution. We always speak of JOHN AFRICA’S revolution, we speak of that only in terms of people knowing that this impetus for giving US the direction the drive to carry on this, but the main thing we always stress is THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY! …So what we’re doing is necessary for everybody to do on what ever level they can do it on!”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Edward Goodman AfricaAfrica, Edward Goodman


301 Morea Road, Frackville, PA 17932
Birthday: October 21, 1949
Affiliation: MOVE Captured: 1978. IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“I am now a committed MOVE member and disciple of JOHN AFRICA. I want to say that I had no intention of becoming a revolutionary, this system encouraged me, pushed me to become a revolutionary, JOHN AFRICA provided the direction. ONTHEMOVE”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Janet AfricaAfrica, Janet Holloway


451 Fullerton Ave, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238
Birthday: April 13, 1951
Affiliation: MOVE
Captured: 1978. IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“ I would like to put one thing out there about the need for everybody to join this revolution. We always speak of JOHN AFRICA’S revolution, we speak of that only in terms of people knowing that this impetus for giving US the direction the drive to carry on this, but the main thing we always stress is THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY! …So what we’re doing is necessary for everybody to do on what ever level they can do it on!”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Janine Phillips AfricaAfrica, Janine Phillips


451 Fullerton Ave, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238
Birthday: April 25, 1956
Affiliations: MOVE
Captured: 1978: IN PRISON 36 YEARS

“We are still strongly committed to our belief in revolution. We will never leave MOVE, even if it means spending the rest of our lives in prison! The power of truth is final, long live JOHN AFRICA’S revolution!”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Michael Davis AfricaAfrica, Michael Davis


SCI Graterford, Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426-0244
Birthday: October 6, 1955
Affiliations: MOVE
Captured: 1978: IN PRISON 36 YEARS

"To quote JOHN AFRICA, it is past time for all poor people to release themselves from the deceptive strangulation of society, realize that society has failed you, for to attempt to ignore this system of deception now is to delay you the need to protest this failure later, the system has failed you yesterday, failed you today and has created the condition for failure tomorrow…”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

William "Phil" AfricaAfrica, William Phillips


SCI Dallas, Follies Road, Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612-0286<
Birthday: May 12, 1956
Affiliations: MOVE Captured 1978: Died IN PRISON JANUARY 10TH 2015

“My name is Phil Africa and I am a revolutionary disciple of MOVE’s revered founder John Africa and one of the ministers of defense for the MOVE organization. I have been in forced prison confinement since August 8th, 1978 along with of my MOVE sisters and brothers. We were framed for the death of a cop who was killed while participating in the vicious government-directed attack on our Philadelphia Headquarters in the government's ongoing attempts to stop John Africa, a wise righteous, powerfully strategic Black man who generates the MOVE organization.”
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com

Merle AfricaAfrica, Merle Austin

Affiliation: MOVE
Captured: 1978. Died IN PRISON MARCH 13, 1998

“I felt drawn to MOVE LAW because it is the truth and unlike other organizations I’ve heard of and read about, I realize JOHN AFRICA’S teaching ain’t meaningless rhetoric as the news media claimed, but there’s uncompromising power IN MOVE LAW and its shown in the family unity, love and sensitivity I’ve experienced and displayed since being in MOVE.
For more information on the MOVE 9 see http://onamove.com and http://move9parole.blogspot.com


Bill DunneDunne, Bill


Birthday: August 3rd
Affiliation: Class War Prisoner
Captured: 1979. Release date: 2043 IN PRISON 35 YEARS

"I am a collectivist, long having recognized that in numbers there is strength and capability and security and satisfaction. There is more humanity in cooperation than in isolation… With mutual struggle, we can forge the diverse elements of our side of the barricade into a powerful weapon against the depredations of imperial capital. It can be the tool of emancipation from exploitation and oppression of that class enemy that afflict us all."

David GilbertGilbert, David


Auburn Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 618, Auburn, NY 13021-0618
Birthday: October 6, 1944
Captured: October 20,1981. Sentence: 75 years to life. IN PRISON 32 YEARS

“The starting point for me is identifying with other people. That solidarity, that tenderness, mandates standing with the oppressed---the vast majority—against the power structure…The Civil Rights Movement also showed me more of a sense of humanity and nobility of purpose than I found in the white suburbs where I grew up.”*

Hammond, Jeremy


FCI Manchester, P.O. Box 4000, Manchester, KY 40962
Birthday: January 1985
Affilition: Anarchist-computer hacker
Captured: March 5, 2012. Sentence: 10yrs IN PRISON 2 YEARS

“Jeremy Hammond, a former member of the hacking network Anonymous who has become a cause célèbre for hacktivists, civil libertarians and those concerned about the rights of whistleblowers, is a gifted young computer programmer who is currently spending a decade in prison. His crime? Leaking information from the private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting, information which revealed that Stratfor had been spying on human rights activists at the behest of corporations and the U.S. government.”

Jaan LaamanLaaman, Jaan Karl


USP Tucson, P.O. Box 24550, Tucson, AZ 85734
Birthday: March 21, 1948
Affiliation: Ohio 7
Captured: 1984. Eligible for Parole in 2017. IN PRISON 30 YEARS

“Ohio 7/United Freedom Fronta clandestine anti-imperialist organization took responsibility for urban guerrilla actions targeting many institutions of repression in the 1970’s and 1980’s…Freedom Struggle is necessary and possible in the U.S., just like anywhere else in this world.  We need to create the conditions and changes, by every possible means, for all our people to have a chance for a real life.”*

Thomas ManningManning, Thomas


FMC Butner, P.O. Box 1600, Butner, NC 27509
Birthday: June 28, 1946
Captured: 1985. Sentence: life. Denied parole 1 time. IN PRISON 29 YEARS

“ The People must fight for their own system in all ways—one of those being armed clandestine struggle. We have a long way to go, but we are getting there. I am accused of being a part of the Sam Melville/Jonathan Jackson Unit in the 1970’s and the United Freedom Front in the 1980s. I am proud of the association and all it implies”*

Marius MasonMason, Marius/Marie


FMC Carswell, P.O. Box 27137, Fort Worth, TX 76127
Birthday: January 26, 1962
Affiliation: Anarchist and Earth First!
Captured: March 10, 2008. Sentence: 22yrs. IN PRISON 6 YRS

"Marius was an extended care assistant at a small Cincinnati school when arrested on March 10, 2008 by federal agents. Marius was convicted of involvement with a December, 1999 arson at a Michigan State University office in which GMO research was being conducted and a January 2000 arson of logging equipment in Mesick, Michigan. Both arsons were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front."
For more info: http://supportmariemason.org

Rebecca RubinRubin, Rebecca


FCI Dublin, 5701 8th Street-Camp Park; Dublin, CA 94568

Birthday: April 18th
Affiliation: Earth Liberation Front
Charged: 2005. Underground 8 years, surrendered 2012. Sentence: 5 years. In prison one year.

Rebecca Rubin, a Canadian from the Earth Liberation Front, was sentenced to five years in prison for her role in fires started by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front actions that occurred between

1996 and 2001. The charges included setting fire to a Colorado ski resort, a Northern California wild horse corral (they freed the horses first), and an Oregon lumber bill. There were no casualties. One reason the feds were asking for a longer sentence for Rubin, was because of her refusal to talk about her co-conspirators, two of which are still believed to be at large. Release date 04/07/2017.



Oscar Lopez RiveraLópez Rivera, Oscar


FCI Terre Haute, P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute, IN 47808
Birthday: January 6, 1943
Affilition: Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN)
Captured: May 29, 1981. Sentence: 55yrs IN PRISON 33 YEARS

"Oscar was one of 12 Puerto Rican political prisoners offered some form of leniency by the Clinton Administration in the fall of 1999. According to the Chicago Sun Times, he "declined the president's offer, which still would have him left with 10 years to serve on conspiracy to escape charges. Now he faces at least 20 more years in prison. His sister, Zenaida Lopez, said he turned the offer down because he would be on parole. "Accepting what they are offering him is like prison outside of prison," she said. Zenaida Lopez said her brother "was in total agreement" with the decision of the 11 others to take the conditional clemency." Oscar is presently in prison in Terre Haute, Indiana and his release date is 7/27/2027."


Patrice Lumumba FordFord, Patrice Lumumba


FCI Mendota, P.O. Box 9, Mendota, CA 93640
Affiliation: Portland 7
Captured: October 4, 2002. Sentence: 18 years. IN PRISON 12 YEARS

Stanley Cohen (his attorney) said of the plea deal he made on Ford's behalf that it was "one of the worst pleas I've ever taken," adding "It was part of a desperate need by the government to find bogeymen to justify their failures in Afghanistan and Iraq... It's a terrible case that served its purpose for the Bush administration." This analysis was rejected by the U.S attorney who prosecuted the case, Charles Gorder, who said: "These guys are terrorists and traitors, not political pawns."[1]

Tarek MehannaMehanna, Tarek


USP Marion, PO Box 1000, Marion, IL 62959
Affiliation: Muslim
Captured: 2008. Sentence: 17.5 years.IN PRISON 6 YEARS

"In your eyes, I’m a terrorist, I’m the only one standing here in an orange jumpsuit, and it’s perfectly reasonable that I be standing here in an orange jumpsuit. But history repeats itself. One day, America will change and people will recognize this day for what it is. They will look at how hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed and maimed by the US military in foreign countries, yet somehow I’m the one going to prison for “conspiring to kill and maim” in those countries – because I support the Mujahidin defending those people. They will look back on how the government spent millions of dollars to imprison me as a “terrorist,” yet if we were to somehow bring Abeer al-Janabi back to life in the moments she was being gang-raped by your soldiers, to put her on that witness stand and ask her who the “terrorists” are, she sure wouldn’t be pointing at me.The government says that I was obsessed with violence, obsessed with “killing Americans.” But, as a Muslim living in these times, I can think of a lie no more ironic." -Tarek's Sentencing Statement



Dr. Aafia SiddiquiSiddiqui, Dr. Aafia


FMC Carswell, P.O. Box 27137, Fort Worth, TX 76127
Birthday: March 2, 1972
Captured: 2008. Sentence: 86 years. IN PRISON 6 YEARS

"Her parents were Pakistani strivers – middle-class folk with strong faith in Islam and education. Her father, Mohammad, was an English-trained doctor; her mother, Ismet, befriended the dictator General Zia ul-Haq. Aafia was a smart teenager, and in 1990 followed her older brother to the U.S. Impressive grades won her admission to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and, later, Brandeis University, where she graduated in cognitive neuroscience. In 1995 she married a young Karachi [Pakistan] doctor, Amjad Khan. A year later their first child, Ahmed, was born."


Abdul Azeez*


Golden Grove prison, Box 9955 King Hill, St. Croix, Virgin Island 00850
Address envelope to Warren Ballentine.
Birthday: January 9th

Hanif Shabazz BeyHanif Shabazz Bey*


Golden Grove Prison
Box 9955, King Hill, St. Croix, Virgin Island 00850
Address envelope Beaumont Gereu



Malik Smith*

Golden Grove Prison, Box 9955, King Hill, St. Croix, Virgin Island 00850
Address envelope to Merel Smith


A history of the "Virgin Island Five", a group of activists accused of murdering eight people in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The murders took place during a turbulent period of rebellion on the Islands. The island was put under virtual martial law, and eventually five men who Ismail Ali, Warren (Aziz) Ballantine, Meral (Malik) Smith, Raphael (Kwesi) Joseph, and Hanif Shabazz Bey were apprehended and then charged with the attack. All the men were known supporters of the Virgin Island independence movement.

The five were charged after being subjected to vicious torture, in order to extract confessions. They were beaten, hung from their feet and necks from trees, subject to electric shocks with "cattle prods", had plastic bags tied over their heads and had water forced up their noses by the "defenders of the law." The judge (Warren Young) overlooking the case prior to being placed on the federal bench worked as Rockefeller's private attorney and and even handled legal matters for the Fountain Valley Golf Course. Eventually, the five went to trial in what became known as the "Fountain Valley" murder trial. This was an obvious Kangaroo Court and a mockery of any sense of a fair trial. On August 13, 1973, each of the five men convicted and sentenced to eight (8) consecutive life terms.

Today, Warren (Aziz) Ballantine, Meral (Malik) Smith, and Hanif Shabazz Bey are all confined in federal prisons. Ismail Ali was liberated to Cuba via an airplane hijacking in 1984. Raphael (Kwesi) Joseph was granted a pardon by the V.I. governor in 1992. Six years later Kwesi was mysteriously found dead of poison-laced drug overdose, after it was said that he was about to reveal evidence that would have exonerated at least one or more defendants.

National Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 2164, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832