March 15, 2015

eric.h 3/13/2015

listening to eric holder rant out all the nastiest invectives in his thesaurus at those who shot the 2 cops in ferguson,it seems he wasn't as personally offended when the young children were terrorized in cleveland, ohio. IMAGINE.  a cop car rolls up quickly into the schoolyard, a cop jumps out and BANG! BANG! A FRIEND OF YOURS IS SHOT. FLATTENED on the ground till dead, and still, lying there while his sister sceams in horror, and is restrained, pulled/ pushed into that cop car. HOW MANY CHILDREN NOW HAVE THAT MEMORY?  p.s. i,m sure they had a slave to say the same kind of things about Nat Turner, while his eye rolled towards massa to see if he is being appreciated--                                                                                                                                                                                                  

in sorrow, Tom Manning,political prisoner,federal custody

#10373-016 FMC Butner, P.O. Box 1600, Butner, NC 27509

Birthday: June 28, 1946


Captured: 1985. Sentence: life. Denied parole 1


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