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June 11, 2021

Freedom Ride 2021 for Leonard Peltier!

Free Leonard Peltier, incarcerated since 1976

The #FreedomRide2021 events started on June 7 at the Winnebago Nation in Nebraska, with stops along the way

On June 21st, the Freedom Riders will arrive in Washington DC to begin a vigil until June 26th (anniversary of the shoot-out at Oglala)

As Freedom Riders, our 2021 mission is to ride from the Winnebago nation in Nebraska to Washington DC with stops in eight major cities to bring awareness and education regarding the struggle for freedom of Leonard Peltier, environmental rights and human rights! This Anishinabe and Dakota man has been incarcerated over 45 years for defending his family and friends on the Jumping Bull Ranch on June 26, 1975. As First peoples, along with our allies of all colors, we are committed to this journey across Mother Earth, not only for Leonard's freedom, but for the respect due to all of the two legged, four legged and winged beings that exist here, and for their protection and for future generations.

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