News Article
May 14, 2021

Jericho Movement Solidarity Statement on Palestine

by National Chair Jihad Abdulmumit

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa Eid Mubarak!!!

The National Jericho Movement and all its Chapters and Affiliates stand united with our sisters and brothers in Palestine. The historic and systemic egregious and brutal oppression of the Palestinian people by the racist Zionist State of Israel cannot and must not be tolerated. Black Lives Matter! Palestinian Lives Matter! The lives of all oppressed people matter, and we must represent that in every respect. Many established news networks focus on the Palestinian response to their oppression and not the causes of their response. They do not focus on the historic forceful removal of Palestinians from their lands and the bulldozing of their homes. This has been going on since the Zionist invasion of Palestine in 1948. The Zionists claimed Palestine to be their own, similar to European invaders calling America their home, despite the presence of indigenous nations. Oppressed people have a right to resist by any means necessary. We call on the Jewish people around the world and in Occupied Palestine – the true followers of Prophet Musa (Moses) (peace be upon him) - to take a stand against the racist aggression of their government! We call upon the children of the survivors of the holocaust to stand for justice just as your parents and countrymen had wanted and needed the world to stand for justice when under the demonic boot of Adolph Hitler. Now your government has become the Adolph Hitler to the Palestinians. Stand up against the oppression of the Palestinian people, and the people of the world will stand with you.

Free the Land!

Free all Political Prisoners!!

Jihad Abdulmumit

Chair, National Jericho Movement