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May 14, 2021

Join the MOVE Family on the 36th Anniversary of the MOVE Bombing

Saturday, May 15th from Noon to 4 p..m.

Join Original MOVE members and the Community to Support the MOVE Family

Say their names. The bombing of the MOVE compound killed six adults and five children and destroyed more than sixty homes, leaving more than 250 Philadelphians homeless. Only 13-year-old Birdie Africa (1971-2013), who later took back his given name of Michael Ward, and Ramona Africa (b. c.1955) survived the confrontation. Those killed included children Katricia Dotson (Tree), Netta, Delitia, Phil, and Tomasa Africa and adults Rhonda, Teresa, Frank, CP, Conrad, and John Africa (1931-85).

Cobbs Creek Recreation Center

280 Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Philly, PA 19139 – See map/directions

• Free food giveaway

• Panel discussion with NBA Star Stephen Jackson