News Article
November 9, 2021

Liberation from the Open Air Prison: Women Fight Dispossession

Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 @ 6 p.m.

This Friday at 6pm EST Root and Branch is hosting a discussion with three women fighting for liberation from this extended prison plantation.


Field Marshall George Jackson referred to the extension of prison slavery to the broader Black and Oppressed community as an "open-air prison." The extended prison plantation gains its opulence, land, and resources by dispossessing entire families and communities from homes, livelihood, and connections with their loved ones.

Ms. Jones, Ms. Basir, and Ms. Stewart continue to fight back even as they face homelessness, hunger, mental and emotional trauma, and health complications as a direct result of the incarceration of their loved ones.

Join us in discussion as we hear from them what is needed to deliver freedom to all Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Oppressed peoples who are fighting against legalized slavery on and off the plantation grounds. All are welcome, and we particularly invite those similarly impacted by the system to speak and strategize.