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April 12, 2021

Maroon Day of Service, Dawah & Community Iftar

Sunday, April 25, 2021
Maroon Day of Service, Dawah & Community Iftar

April 25th 2021

8am -1pm: GISCSG & Totland 266-268

S.58th street, Philadelphia, PA
Spring to Freedom Community Cultivation


•Garden Clean up & Cultivation

•maroon party for liberation

•Updates on Maroon
2pm-4pm: Depart Garden for Malcolm X Park

Long Live Walter Wallace
Discussion of Mental Health with Resources and Tips

•Remembering Walter Wallace

•Mental health neglect and impact in prisons

•The Connection to Mumia, Maroon and other Freedom Fighters
5pm-8pm: GISCSG & Totland 266-268

S.58th Street

•Da'wah on Charity & Islam

•Updates on Maroon Harun

•Ramadan and it's benefits

•Feed 150+ Fasting and non-fasting community members
for more information: Shoatz Unity for Maroon :267 344-7064
support full weekend for Mumia, Maroon and Walter Wallace
every maroon monday and thursday & rainday, fast and pray for yourself and remember Maroon Harun Abdur-Rauf.