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November 17, 2020

Movement Call 4 Maroon



Greetings Movement Family,

You may have heard by now that Maroon contracted Covid 19 last week at SCI Dallas. He was moved to a gym where the PA DOC was quarantining the positive cases - 30 or so people in a gym with one toilet. You can hear Maroon describe it as "refugee camp" in the video below that his grandson put together.

Hear Maroon shares the circumstances at SCI- Dallas over the phone in this video (90 seconds)

Maroon's family and friends are calling on people to gather online this Sunday at 2pm to strategize how we can help get Maroon out of prison and shine light on both - Covid in prison as well as the plight of the many aging prisoners in PA and across the nation.

Sunday November 22 at 2pm

Register for the Virtual Meeting Here

COVID-19 poses a great threat to the lives of prisoners. We all know that the elderly are more at risk when it comes to COVID-19. Russell Shoatz who’s 77 years of age has colon cancer and is COVID-19 positive. He was being confined to a cubicle inside of a gymnasium amongst 30 other COVID-19 positive prisoners. All 30 prisoners are sharing the same toilet. This is inhumane and unsanitary. He was moved to the infirmary but he is one of 30 and the rest of the men are still in the gym.

Russell Shoatz is also being denied an urgent surgery to aid his colon cancer. Please call Governor Tom Wolf and demand the release of COVID-19 positive elderly prisoners (717) 787-2500

Send Maroon mail at:

Smart Connections/PA DOC

Russell Shoats #AF-3855 SCI-Dallas

PO Box 33028 St Petersburg, FL 33733


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