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February 3, 2024

Oakland Jericho representative at Ojai City Council, Jan. 9, 2024 Speaking for a Ceasefire

Peace & Blessings,

In these most troubling of times, we see across the nation the People standing up and fighting against the status quo, the direct funding and misappropriation of tax payer's dollars to support the genocide of Palestinian people.

These times have revealed to many something that our ancestors and revolutionaries from behind the wall and beyond have known for all too long- this government of Amerikkka serves the institutions of murder & profit over People.

Many communities across the country have mobilized and pressured their local municipalities to pass ceasefire resolutions, a fleeting hope in the darkness of tyranny that our local places could somehow come together and demand the immediate end of the war and the ushering of vital humanitarian aid into the streets of Gaza.

These simple demands for city statements of Peace serve as an access of opportunity for revolutionaries to expose the overwhelming contradictions that have mostly gone unspoken amongst popular movements today.

If your city passes a resolution, does this have an effect in the larger bodies of state and Nationwide electoral politics? Does anything we do on a local level reflect our national support for war and genocide internationally?

If your city refuses to pass a resolution, what does that indicate for the safety of Black, Brown, an Indigenous communities here in our country?

The war taking place in Palestine has exposed the ease in which people in positions of power can openly support and fund overt genocide, with or without popular support. Despite all of the information, the documentation, and the discourse, despite the conditions of oppressed peoples world wide and domestically, the authorities continue brutalizing us without recourse.

The question we must face as People seeking change in this racist capitalist system, is how will we reward the righteous actions of leadership and bring to justice the acts of the cruel and the cowardly?

We are not freeing Palestine. Palestine is freeing us.

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