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February 10, 2024



Leonard Peltier has recently experienced a significant loss of vision which has required him to implore the help of fellow inmates to do basic things like dialing phone numbers for him to make calls, help type emails, and even help assist him getting around, as he cannot see well enough to walk on his own. This all is happening while USP Coleman I continues to be locked down, only allowing inmates out of their cells for up to two hours. As he is 79 years of age, it is imperative he get treatment for his loss of vision as soon as possible.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this coming week, The Official Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee will initiate call-ins to these three elected officials:

Senator Richard Durban: Washington Office: 202-224-2152; Chicago Office: 312-353-4952

Senator Jon Ossof: Washington Office: Phone: 202-224-3521; Atlanta Office: Phone: 470-786-7800

Senator Alex Padilla: Washington Office: 202-224-3553; Los Angeles Office: 310-231-4494

US Representative Matthew Frost: Washington Office: Phone: 202-225-2176; Orlando Office: Phone: 321-388-9808

Please join us during regular business hours (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) and call the three elected officials above. To help maximize results for this campaign, we recommend calling both offices to ensure they are made aware of this important and urgent request. Below are bullet points to assist you in having the most impact. On behalf of Leonard himself, we thank you SO MUCH for your participation. Please follow us on social media and check in to our website for important medical updates related to Leonard.


The Official Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee

P.S. please check out our website:

Sample Script (Make sure to include #1 and #6 in your calls!)

  1. Hi, My name is ______ and I’m calling about immediate medical care needed for Leonard Peltier, whose prisoner number is 89637-132, and he’s in USP Coleman.
  2. Leonard Peltier has suffered a significant loss of vision which poses serious risks, like him falling, and he now depends on other prisoners to be able to perform basic activities.
  3. Leonard has not seen an eye doctor in over 12 years nor a dentist in over 10 years.
  4. The Bureau of Prisons must immediately tend to Leonard’s current medical needs, or they violate the American Disabilities Act (ADA)* and violate Leonard’s 8th Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment.
  5. The BOP must provide preventative medical treatment when not doing so could cause significant and severe health concerns.
  6. Leonard’s blindness can be prevented or treated, and the BOP must provide immediate medical care to do that; Leonard has a hard time eating, and the BOP needs to provide immediate and adequate dental care; Leonard is at risk of falling and he needs treatment and accommodations, so he is not dependent on other prisoners to do basic things.
Please do everything you can to get Leonard Peltier immediate, ethical, and proper medical treatment!

A little more Background:
ADA requires accommodations for a person with any form of disability.
Throughout his incarceration, Bureau of Prisons medical neglect has caused Leonard permanent physical damage which could have been avoided by providing timely and proper medical care.
For instance:

In 1986, Leonard suffered a stroke which resulted in him losing 80% of the vision in his left eye. When international doctors were allowed in to examine him, they concluded this could have been easily avoided if Peltier received regular timely medical care.
In 1996, Leonard Peltier had two surgeries to treat his two abscessed teeth. He nearly died from blood loss, was kept in solitary confinement during “recovery,” and ultimately suffered permanent damage to his jaw.