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November 16, 2020

Urgent Action Needed for Russell Maroon Shoatz!

Maroon with daughters Theresa and Sharon

From the Shoatz family:

Our beloved elder Russell Maroon Shoatz, suffering stage 4 cancer for the last year and a half, has now been diagnosed with COVID-19. This infection is no doubt a result of the “full-blown resurgence” of the virus in Pennsylvania state prisons, and the callous disregard shown by prison authorities to elderly and infirm incarcerated people, including withheld testing and unhygienic isolation of those who report symptoms.

Maroon is asking that all supporters call the office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and demand his immediate, unconditional release, as well as that of ALL elderly prisoners infected with COVID-19. Please call (717) 787-2500 beginning the morning of Monday, November 16, and keep the pressure on!

Russell Maroon Shoatz #AF-3855

Our sincere gratitude for all of your support.

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