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November 14, 2023

Virtual Fundraiser & Tribute to Our Baba Sekou Odinga

Virtual Fundraiser & Tribute to Our Baba Sekou Odinga on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023 at 7 PM EST

Live on Black Power Media

Revolutionary Support for a Revolutionary Leader

Revolutionaries do not receive a pension, they generally do not have social security allotments, they don’t have supplemental income. Our aging revolutionaries, those who have placed their liberty and lives in jeopardy for the freedom and liberation of oppressed peoples, don’t have health insurance and often depend on medicaid or medicare for medical assistance.

Sekou Odinga, age 79, is a Black Panther Party/Black Liberation Army Veteran, former u.s. held Political Prisoner, Freedom Fighter, husband, son, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and Patriarch of our Community.

Sekou was hospitalized on September 3, 2023 for serious health complications and released to a rehabilitation facility. He has suffered from medical complications and has returned to the hospital a couple of times. Sekou is now back in the rehabilitation center and receiving therapy and the additional support that he requires.

This Virtual Fundraiser and Tribute is to support Sekou’s therapeutic Rehabilitation and Healing, as well as to support his wife, Dequi, and his family as they support him. This speaks not only to the love and beauty of this struggle, but also exposes the socio-economic deprivation that the majority of Black People suffer, and the need for universal health care for all.

Please donate and support Our Valiant Warrior of Human Rights!

Now that he is free, let’s keep him healthy as we show our Love & Appreciation!

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