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September 18, 2021

"We Charge Genocide": 5th Webinar by Spirit of Mandela Coalition

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 @ 8 p.m. EDT (5 p.m. Pacific)

Please participate and join us next Tuesday September 21, 2021 for our 5th webinar to listen to Jalil Muntaqim, Errol Schweizer, Gerald Horne and more panelists discuss the six charges of this October’s International Tribunal!

They will break down the charges, the current and historical practices/forms of genocide, and its impact on Black, Brown, and Indigenous People. Registration is required.

Please register at

If you plan on attending the International Tribunal [in NY & virtually on October 22-25], register at (SPACE IS LIMITED).

We ask that you register whether you are planning on attending actually or virtually.

Also, if you are planning to be physically present, current Covid restrictions in New York City require that you bring proof of vaccination. People inside the venue will have to wear masks the entire time. unless eating or drinking.

Revolutionary Love,

In the Spirit of Mandela