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October 8, 2020

Welcome Home, Jalil Muntaqim!

Jalil Muntaqim is Home!

We are thrilled to announce that former Black Panther and respected and beloved elder Jalil Muntaqim (Anthony Bottom) was released on October 7, 2020 after serving nearly 50 years in prison.

During his decades in prison, Jalil led education and mentorship programs for other people in prison, as well as earning numerous educational degrees and mentoring many younger incarcerated men.

Jalil is now home with his family and community and asks for everyone to respect his privacy at this time as he reconnects with his loved ones in freedom, and continues to heal from COVID-19, which he contracted in prison in May.

Jalil is deeply humbled and grateful for the broad expressions of support he has received from his family and community throughout the years and looks forward to this next chapter. He will not be making any public statements at this time.

Welcome Home Jalil!!!

October 7, 2020

The National Jericho Movement joins with family, comrades, friends, and the international community in the historic celebration of the release on parole of freedom fighter and political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim. Jalil’s release comes after being confined for almost 5 decades. Jalil is the co-founder (along with deceased Comrade Sister Safiya Bukhari, d. 2003 and Baba Herman Ferguson, d. 2014) of the National Jericho Movement to Free All Political Prisoners. Founding Jericho in 1998 was just one of Jalil’s many significant achievements. During his time in prison Jalil had also received many degrees and certifications. He mentored other prisoners and resolved numerous prison beefs. He stood by his principles and maintained the highest level of disciple, integrity and self-respect and respect for others. Jalil’s activism never ceased and is unquestionable. He has consistently provided movement leadership and guidance under the worse of conditions behind concrete and steel bars.

The best way to honor Jalil now is for us all to continue our human rights activism and movement building, and to continue to fight for the release of the remaining national liberation and civil rights era Political Prisoners ( While in prison Jalil called for the establishment of the “In the Spirit of Mandela Coalition.” ( The major initiative on the table is the October 2021 International Tribunal. Jalil requests our solidarity, input, energy, and drive!

The struggle continues!

Free All Political Prisoners!

IT 2021!!!

- Jihad Abdulmumit

Chair, National Jericho

(Welcome home Comrade!)

Black Power

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