February 15, 2017

Do You Know If Stun Guns Are Legal In Your State?

Do You Know If Stun Guns Are Legal In Your State?


Knowing the law when you wish to protect yourself is vital. If you do not know the laws in your area regarding weaponry, you could be in for a tough sentence if you’re found guilty. Self-defense can be a tricky area to navigate, depending on the evidence available. But knowing what the law states in regard to stun guns is easy. In most US states they are legal. For example, stun guns are legal in Virginia.


This is how the laws on stun guns differ from state to state:

  • Illegal to buy, sell or possess: Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.
  • Illegal to possess and/or use: Rhode Island.
  • Legal without major restrictions: Virginia, Texas, Utah, Vermont and others.
  • Legal with permit: Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi.
  • Legal with restrictions: Illinois.
  • Legal with concealed weapon permit: North Dakota and Wisconsin.

To find out more about how stun guns are regulated in your state, read this article on Stun Gun Laws and their legality.