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February 9, 2017

Oscar López Rivera Political Prisoner Transfered to Half-Way House in Puerto Rico,

Feb. 9, 2017

Washington - US prison authorities today transfered prisoner Oscar López Rivera to Puerto Rico, who has served 35 years and eight months in US jails.

New York state representative Jose Rivera said he was aware that the Prison Bureau was taking  López Rivera to the island, where he will complete his sentence, which expires on May 17.

"Family, after so many years of struggle Oscar López Rivera is at the airport en route pa '(ra) Puerto Rico," Rivera published on his Facebook page.

López Rivera would arrive today in a flight accompanied by the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, according to a source of

López Rivera's close family and attorney have been silent over the past 24 hours over unofficial reports that Lopez Rivera's move would occur today, which was likely after President Barack Obama commuted his sentence.

After the sentence was commuted, the US Bureau of Prisons, to find space, was obliged to remove López Rivera from the Terre Haute prison complex to a part-time prison as part of the process toward his reintegration into the community.

López Rivera had requested that he be transferred to a federal institution in Puerto Rico, where he will serve the last 97 days in prison and is supposed to be allowed to leave for work.

The mayor of San Juan has indicated that she has a community job for Lopez Rivera, who on the last 3 Kings Day turned 74.

López Rivera was convicted of seditious conspiracy due to his links with the clandestine armed group of National Liberation Forces (FALN).

Interviewed a few days ago in Terre Haute (Indiana), López Rivera's daughter, Clarisa López Ramos, indicated that her father had begun the move, sending boxes to Puerto Rico - where she plans to live with him.

López Rivera has probably not touched Puerto Rican soil since January 1975, when he was at a conference in Isabela.

Reactions to the arrival of Oscar López Rivera to the Island

"He's happy, super-cool," López Ramos said on Jan. 28, concluding one of his recent visits to Terre Haute jail after President Obama commuted his father's sentence.

Although he arrives in Puerto Rico today, López Rivera's lawyer, Jan Susler, has warned that he remains a prisoner and that restrictions are maintained much like in prison, including not being free to talk to the media.

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